Scenes of Solitude

I am seldom uneasy being alone since I desire the feeling of solitude. The true dilemma can stem from finding a space where I can be alone. I have found my solitude in going on walks in the downtown areas of Peoria, IL, and Waukegan, IL. In the past, I like most people would envision a scene evoking this feeling to be perhaps a peaceful beach or forest. However, reaching such settings is not nearly as accessible as the urban landscapes. I have found solitude in an environment where buildings tower above, cars sprint by, and the occasional pedestrian moves along to their next destination.

My work shows the solitude I am accustomed to while traversing the urban environment. In this series, I have tried to capture various individuals at a moment when they are alone amongst the vast city landscape. Simultaneously, I use selective focus to lead the viewer's eye to the subject, using the city as a backdrop for their solitude. We all are at times intimated by our environment, but the friend we make with that environment will only make life itself less intimidating, less an enemy to our soul, and more an old friend of solitude in our midst.