February 2017

I can't believe we're already 2 months into the new year. So far, it hasn't been the greatest year, but I'm working hard and finding the silver lining in it all. For example, business has been slow at this point in comparison to last year. At the same time, I take some solace in the fact that this is the slow season for photography and that I was working a little harder last year on getting new leads. The only photo session that I've done so far was for my friend, Alex Morgan, and his campaign for alderman of the the 3rd ward in Evanston. Obviously, I have to push myself to get caught up and be at the point where I can focus my energies on once again on getting leads and growing my business. Another positive is that I have a couple head shots booked for this coming week and I met with a client yesterday.

The big positive for this year has been my creative work and my dedication to my 365 project. In a few days here, I'll be celebrating the 2 month anniversary of this project. While every photo has not been perfect, it is definitely helping me to grow as a photographer in countless ways. In fact, my family and I are planning on having a show in my studio space during the March Art Wauk. I really think this could and hope that this is just a small step in a much bigger journey for myself.