May 2017

May was a month where I'm tried to take steps to help me to achieve my goals. One such step was creating a routine for weekdays. My ideal weekday begins with a run to the harbor and back as the sun is rising. Then, I spend my time wandering and exploring to get a photo for the day. The remaining time is spent getting ready for starting my workday at 9 a.m. This could really be anything from catching up on the late night shows to eating breakfast to showering to going through the photos from this morning. After a long weekend away for Summer Camp Music Festival, I'm trying to get back into this routine once again. 

I got a few photo gigs during May but I haven't gotten around to posting about them yet. One of the gigs was a maternity shoot at Waukegan beach. Also, I travelled down to Chicago and took some pictures for the an organization called Spread the Hug. Then this week, I got my studio back into shape and opened it up for cap and gown photo sessions. The only person I got to take photos of was my sister, but it was still nice to finally clean up my studio. Also, maybe I'll manage to get some high school seniors yet or even manage to draw in some 8th graders from down their promotion at the Genesee Theatre on Wednesday.

Now what can you expect from me this month? Well, this Saturday I'm signed up for a booth at the Dandelion Wine Fine Arts Festival. Unfortunately, with it looking like the weather calling for rain and thunderstorms , I'm leaning towards to participating. Later in the month, I am seriously considering participating in ArtWauk once again. Hopefully, this time we can actually get listed on the map and draw people down a little further north on Genesee. Finally, later in the month I'm looking forward to going to the first weekend of Electric Forest.