June 2017

I'm a little behind on making a post about the month of June. My two accomplishments of note for this month was photographing a wedding and hosting a photo exhibition for ArtWauk. Since I've already posted about the wedding, I'll skip on rehashing about that and instead go straight to my photo exhibit. Since I've done so much photography so far this year, I am trying to participate in ArtWauk and show off some of my latest work. As I continue to participate, I'm making progress and improving things. This time around, we had a few more people stop by and I got my name in the program for ArtWauk. Now that I'm mostly caught up in life, I have to get back out shooting so I have photos for a show in September. 

Also, I am continuing my work as a volunteer for Clean Power Lake County. In fact, I can proudly now say that Dylan Blake Photography is now a coalition member with CPLC. I even had a small table set up at my show with petitions and literature from CPLC. The major event held by this organization this month was the Future Energy Jobs Act Town Hall. There were over 100 people in attendance including some local political officials. The legislation for FEJA went into effect at the beginning of June and could be very beneficial if utilized by the Waukegan community. 

Additionally, the month of June lead me to venture up to Michigan to attend weekend 1 of Electric Forest. Despite the rain that happened the first day of the festival, it was great time once again. Plus, for the first time I got to see one of my favorite artists, ODESZA. They put on such breathtakingly beautiful show that will really stick with me. After getting back from Forest, I've gotten back to working on my parents' place. I've started off so far by doing some yard work and taking down a couple buckthorn trees. Later, I'll be get back to painting the house and hopefully finish that up this year.