Lifestyle Photography

I feel like sometimes it’s possible to speak something into existence. That’s partially the reason why I’m writing this blog entry on lifestyle photography. Recently, I’ve become interested in trying to do something a little different from many other photographers in my area and offering family lifestyle sessions. I’m sure there are some people reading this who are very knowledgeable on this and others who are not quite sure about what is lifestyle photography. Well, this post is meant more for the latter, the person who is here trying to find out about lifestyle photography.

Lifestyle photography is a blend of portrait photography and documentary photography. When most people think of having family portraits taken, the usual idea that pops to mind is getting a little dressed up, going to a scenic park or a studio, and smiling for the camera. That is considered portrait and in that situation a great deal of the session might be under control of the photographer as they direct different aspects such as light, backgrounds, poses, props, and clothes. Meanwhile, documentary photography is the complete opposite with the photographer acting as a fly on the wall and simply capturing events as they unfold.

Lifestyle photography blends components of these two types of photography in that the photographer will assert some direction in a session and then take a step back to capture people in action. These sessions are meant to reflect a slice of everyday life and as result choosing a location of significance is the responsibility of the client. Of course, normally the best spot is the family home since being there is part of most people’s typical day.

When on location in a family home, the aspects of a shoot that a photographer controls is usually limited to the lighting by deciding where to shoot in a room and location by moving furniture or other items to improve the layout of an area. That is the extent of a photographer’s control during a lifestyle session. Instead of the photographer directing clients into specific poses, they will provide actions as a starting point. From there it’s the photographer’s job is to provide an authentic glimpse into family members interacting with one another.

Lifestyle photography sessions provides a welcomed change from a traditional portrait sessions. These sessions are a pleasant mixture of authentic and staged, that give you more than a reminder of what life looked like, but also what it felt like. Plus, who can resist a photo that captures genuine emotion during a candid in between moment of life. If this type of session interests you, get in contact with me so we can make it happen.

Note: The images included in this blog post are not my own work, but rather examples of lifestyle photography from Simon Laroche Photographie and Nestling Photography