July 2018

The month of July had a pleasant mix of work and fun. While work is not quite where I would like it to be in terms of bookings, July was overall a positive month. The main reason I say that is because it was the first time in what feels like quite a while that I had time to focus on my photography business. Then in terms of the gigs that I had they all went pretty well. As I said in a previous post, I began the month by photographing a baptism. Later in the month I photographed a nice, intimate backyard wedding in Burlington, WI. Then in the final weekend of the month, I had a family portrait session over at Bowen Park. I plan on coming out with a blog post about the wedding and family portrait session in the next week or two. So make sure to keep an eye out for that. 

The main bit of fun for this month was going to Camp Bisco Music Festival in Scranton, PA. To me the terrain and size are two things that set Bisco apart from other music festivals that I've attended. Bisco actually is on Montage Mountain, which is a ski resort in the winter and has water park in the summer. In fact when my friends were telling me about this festival, I didn't quite realize that one of the stages is actually in the water park. I don't think there are very many other festivals where you can chill in wave pool during a performance. I also appreciated the fact that it didn't feel quite as large as other festivals as far as the number of acts and attendees. With large festivals, it often feels like you're in all likely going make sacrifices from time to time whether it's because of conflicting set times or just the fact that you don't want to do all that walking to go to a stage that's out of your way. I definitely would be interested in going to Camp Bisco again if it works with my schedule.

My plans for the month of August aren't entirely clear at the moment. I currently have a couple family portrait sessions scheduled. One is for the middle of the month and the other is scheduled for around the end of the month. That's the totality of my work for the month currently, but I plan on seeking out some additional work and staying focused on my business. Then, in terms of fun, I only had a couple plans for this month. The first already happened on the 1st of August when I went to see Tycho at the Concord. The second is coming next weekend in the form of a trip out to Colorado to see Pretty Lights Live's 10th anniversary show at Red Rocks Amphitheater. It will certainly be an interesting month and hopefully be a productive one as well.