Eliza and Niko | Prom

At one point I was thinking about doing mini sessions for prom at Bowen Park, but I ended up dragging my feet and it didn’t end up happening. Maybe if I don’t have any sessions scheduled for the day of prom, I’ll do it this coming year. Luckily for Eliza and Niko, they were only couple that I was doing prom portraits for this year because they ended up running a late in getting to the park. Also, we were fortunate that the rain held off and we were able to get their session in before it hit.

Veronica & Ronnie | Engagement

This is the second set of pictures from earlier this year. This session was actually from the beginning of March where we really lucked into some mild weather for this laid back engagement session. This session was a departure from what I'm used to for most photo shoots, but I think we all really enjoyed it since it is an honest reflection of this couple and their easy going, fun attitude. It was great having a little bit of a break from what I'm what I'm normally used to photo sessions.

Azeam & Zoha | Engagement

This year, I've done a good job of keeping up with my editing work, but at the same time had a little bit of a rough go with posting my latest work in a timely manner. I can't believe this session happened all the way back in the middle of February. The day before this shoot was actually the day when I had ruined my old camera by falling into the lake during my morning photo adventure. As a result, the day leading up to this shoot was stressful since I didn't have much time to figure out my camera situation. Luckily, everything turned out alright thanks in part to Zoha for picking a great location and having quite a few ideas of poses for this photo session.

Bhargavi | Maternity

On the first Saturday of 2018, I had my first photo session of the new year as Bhargavi and her husband visited my studio. I'm hoping that this is first of many portrait sessions that I have this year. In fact, one of my resolutions for this year is to have at least one portrait session per week. I haven't quite settled on who I will be photographing this week, but I surely have some ideas for people to contact.

Mario & Teresa

There were definitely times when I thought that this photo session would never happen, but it finally all came together in early September. It was a few years ago when my good friends, Mario and Teresa, first talked about having a photo session with me. While I was initially optimistic, over time talk of having this photo session seemed to quiet down and disappear. Then this past summer, I was caught off guard when Teresa told me that she was interested in having a photo session. While we may have put this off for quite a while, I was happy that we managed to get this photo session. In fact, this photo shoot was just a few days before their daughter, Ely, was born.