March 2016

Deidre & Benjamin

This will be the last of my long overdue posts and hopefully the last time that I delay posting photos for so long after a session on here. As I had said in a previous post, there was a time when my schedule was very busy with non-photography work and as a result I never got around to posting these on here. These days, my schedule is less busy and I'm trying to catch up on past work as well as trying to get new business.

Similarly to now, my schedule was pretty open when this photo session. Obviously, one of the few perks of having an open schedule is being able to take last minute bookings. That was the case with this session as I was contacted only a couple days ahead of time. It was really great getting to photograph Deidre, Benjamin, and their daughter. You really see the love of this family in their photos. 

Moving Waukegan Forward: Renewable Energy

Last Thursday, I helped Clean Power Lake County with their luncheon at the Waukegan Public Library. There was a strong turn out of county and city officials as our CPLC group continues to push for a transition from the coal energy to cleaner energy like solar power. The two major speakers for our event was Andrew Baumann, vice-president of Global Strategy Group, and Sarah Wochos, co-legislative director for the Environmental Law & Policy Center. 

The Global Strategy Group is a company that conducts polling for numerous groups. In December 2015, they conducted a poll of 300 Waukegan residents about their opinion on the coal plant and the desire of people for clean power. Baumann showed that there is a strong desire that goes across political lines and demographics for moving to clean power. He even went so far as to say that some of the numbers were actually quite surprising in comparison to some polls his company has conducted.

Wochos's presentation showed that clean power is the future of power. We are continuing to see more and more states using clean power. She also suggested a few different areas in Waukegan that that could potentially be redeveloped into solar fields. She also provided other places in Chicago and Detroit that have found new life after being converted to solar fields. 

The closing remarks of the luncheon were from my alderman, David Villalobos. He continues to be a strong proponent for our group as we try to bring clean power to Waukegan and making out city green town once again. He also had a call to action for our group's trip down to Springfield on April 21. We are going to be lobbying the politicians to pass a bill for clean energy jobs in Illinois.

March 2016

I'm still trying to figure out where the month of March went. Man, did the month ever fly by quickly. While my photography has been lacking a little in terms of work during this month, I've made progress in terms of marketing my business. For one, I've started to explore a new avenue as I've started posting ads on Craigslist. For quite awhile I've scoured Craigslist looking for work, but never made the effort to post my own ads. I've gotten a decent response from my ads and gotten a few potential clients from them. Also in terms of marketing, I continued to ad my business to listings leading to my site continuing to move up in terms of SEO.

This month I didn't have any photo sessions with clients but I did do a little bit of photography from time to time. One of those projects I did was my self-portrait session where I dressed as a lumberjack. I also entered a photo of my cat in the Waukegan Park District's Pet Superstar Photo Contest. Despite my best efforts which included a bit of editing, my photo did not win. Finally on a more serious note on the last day of the month I photographed a luncheon hosted by Clean Power Lake County. I will write more at length on that in the coming days.

So far, I'm not entirely sure what the month of April is going to hold. I photographed a wedding on short notice yesterday. I'm photographing an event next Saturday and a portrait session next Sunday. Then as far as my personal life goes, I'm looking forward to the Cubs season beginning Monday. Hopefully this is the beginning of a great year for the them. Also, later in the month I'm going to Springfield with people from Clean Power Lake County to lobby for clean jobs in Illinois.  

Self-Portrait | Lumberjack

Before I shaved yesterday for work orientation, I had grown my beard since November. It felt like a fitting tribute and last hoorah for my beard was having a photo shoot. Since I had bought the the clothing needed to look like a stereotypical lumberjack and had a good beard, it seemed only right to do the photo shoot as such. As I said, the beard is gone as of yesterday morning, but I'm going to grow it back at some point.