Summer Wedding

Ashley & Isaiah | Wedding

After traveling to Wisconsin and Indiana for weddings the previous two weekends, it was a welcomed relief to photograph a local wedding once again. Ashley and Isaiah’s wedding day helped to remind me how unique every wedding day really can be. Going into this wedding day, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect since I had photographed a wedding at Bowen Park a few weeks prior. However, I soon found out my thinking was a little off in that regard.

A couple differences that I noticed early on was the seating layout and energy from the guest from the previous wedding I photographed at Bowen. Granted what sets this wedding a part from others in my mind was the fact that ceremony started much later than planned. I’m used to weddings occasionally being behind schedule and the ceremony starting a little, however, this one ended up beginning almost 50 minutes late. The reason for this drastic of a delay was the officiant was running late and then got caught in a bit of a fender bender. I did my best in dealing with this delay and I’m only a little disappointed that my time photographing the bride and groom together was limited.

Nancy & Cary | Wedding

In my attempt to get caught up on posting, I am now in the month of August. This wedding was my the third weekend in a row with a wedding booking and was the first time ever photographing a wedding in the state of Indiana. As a result, I made the rookie mistake of leaving a little later than was ideal and being nervous that I wouldn’t make it for my planned start time. In the end, I can happily say I did make it just in the nick of time.

Probably what stands out most in my memory of this wedding was how was the rules the officiant had for the the ceremony. For the processional portion of the ceremony, I was allowed to be at the front of the church. However, after that portion was finished, I was expected to be in the row after the last seated group of people. I guess I can be thankful that the wedding was on the smaller side.

Amber & Eric | Wedding

A few weekends ago, I photographed Amber and Eric's lovely backyard wedding in Burlington, WI. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect being as it was my first backyard wedding and since it was actually the grandmother of the bride who hired me. Also, I was a little worried about the weather since there was some rain in the forecast for the day. Ultimately, everything went very smoothly and the rain held off until later in the evening. Also, it was pretty neat that since a few member of the family were from Waukegan, they food catered by a couple Waukegan restaurants, rib tips from Hillery's Bar-B-Q and sandwiches from Leno's Sandwich Shop.