Jannisha & Kyrie | Christmas Pajama Session

I’m never sure why sometimes posting photos in a timely manner is troublesome for me. I always deliver clients’ galleries on time, yet the posts like this one comes quite a bit after the fact. I think my main problems are a combination of failing to set aside time to tasks related to making posts, such as sorting through pictures and writing about them, and trying post at just the right time. After I get caught up with the 3 or 4 different shoots from the last couple months, I’m going to try to make a better effort to have my posts be more timely.

As you can probably guess based on the Christmas decorations and pajamas that this session happened nearly two months ago at this point. This was the second time that I rented my friend Laura’s studio space for a portrait session. Initially, Kyrie wasn’t all that into the session, but after awhile he would warm up and got some great shots. I think Jannisha and Kyrie’s favorite part of this session was playing around on the bed and you can really see how much fun they’re having in those photos.