February 2019

As usual February felt like it was gone in the blink of an eye which I guess goes to show you what a difference a few days really does make. I’m struggling to remember the noteworthy parts of the month so I was thinking about skipping out on writing a post altogether. On top of it, this February’s weather seemed to hit pretty hard as well. It seemed like the ground has been blanketed by a layer of snow for most of the month along with bitter cold temperatures.

The trend from January where I had very little in the way of social gatherings with friends in the area continued in the month of February. Luckily that does not mean that I was hauled up indoors for the entire month. I was happy that I was able to find a Superbowl to attend this year (even if both the game and the half-time show weren’t very interesting). Also, I managed to follow through on getting out to some basketball games at the Dog Pound and catch Bulldogs in action. The other bit of fun I had was getting out to the Gaming Goat on a couple Wednesday nights for board game night.

When it comes to my photography, February was a bit slower in comparison to January. I had a weekend with a couple gigs where I did some photography for Sazón Concina Mexicana on a Saturday morning. They even sent me home some delicious food including chilaquiles. Then on Sunday afternoon, I took some photos at a baby shower at the Round Lake Beach Cultural and Civic Center. The final weekend of February I had someone I knew from college come in to have his headshot taken. He’s also trying to setup a day where I go down to Aurora and do headshots for people that are interested over at the Comedy Shrine. So I’m hoping that there’s enough interest to make that happen.

For the month of March, I currently do not have a ton of plans at the moment. Lately I’ve been following the Bulldogs during their playoff run as I’ve been to 2 of their 3 games. I’m looking forward to tonight’s game as the Bulldogs take on Stevenson for the third time this season. I’m hoping that after losing those two previous meetings that the Bulldogs can come out of tonight victorious and move onto the Hoffman Estates Super-Sectional.

On the photography front, I have a couple things to look forward to this month. This weekend I’m looking forward to a couple different photography meet-ups. Saturday night’s meet-up is being hosted in Chicago by Chi.Shooters and We Out Here Gallery. Then on Sunday, I’ll be in Franklin Park for one hosted by Visions Meet Up. Then next week, I’m working on getting some of my work together to exhibit at Undercroft Gallery once again. I know last month I said I was going to do that, but it never ended up coming together. Finally, tomorrow I have a meeting with a potential client about a wedding on March 23rd. So it’s looking like it will be an interesting month when it comes to photography actually.