Addison | 6 Months

If you follow me much, you know that I don’t normally use props during sessions. However, when a client owns props that they would like to incorporate into their session, I’m more than happy to work with them to make that happen. So when Addison’s mother told me while we were planning the shoot that she had some props that she was interested in bringing, I was interested to see what she brought along. Clearly, she made good decision on props that gave us a variety of looks for this milestone session.

This session happened in early July and Addison was actually closer to 7 months old by the time this session happened rather than 6 months old. Then again you’d be none the wiser if I had not mentioned it. Originally this session was planned for mid June, but ended up getting reschedule since the weather on that day was looking to be on the cooler side with a chance of rain as well. Then, with both our schedules we didn’t have a time that worked for everyone until a few weeks later since there was a period where we traded off time out of town.

Cruz Family

This portrait session with the Cruz family closed out my very busy month of September. Lacy told me that she was inspired to schedule this photo shoot after she found their outfits during a trip to Gap. The day of this session I was a little worried there would be rain and luckily the weather held up making for a pretty good session. I tried my darndest during this shoot to get the little girl to smile for these photos, but she just was not having it. I’m pretty sure in the ones where she’s smiling a bit, I’m receiving assistance behind the scenes from her parents.

Promise | 1st Birthday

Last Thursday was my first time having a photo session specifically for a 1 year old when I had Promise in the studio. It was also the first time where I had a session that included a cake smash. The main challenge in sessions like this is usually finding a way to get some cooperation and attention from the child. Promise was no different as she was intrigued by all the space in my studio and wanted explore the area in the room beyond the backdrop. Another challenge was getting her to look in the proper direction and seemed to be pretty interested in ceiling even though it wasn’t running at the time. Finally, going into the session I was hoping that she would one of those babies that would really get into the smashing the cake. However, as you can see in these pictures, she wasn’t very eager to make and mess and play around with her cupcake.

Larsen Family

Last Sunday, I did what's starting to become a yearly tradition of the Larsen family portrait session. Before it, they had a couple locations in mind and they asked me if I had any preference of the locations they were interested in for the photo session. I said that I was most interested in Warren Township Park since it's been a very long time since I had been there and that I had never had a photo session there. Since it was a warm, humid day on Sunday, I was little worried that the park was going to be a little busy. Luckily, the weather helped out a little in that regard by giving us overcast skies that probably deterred people form going to the park. That helped make the photography a little easier and gave the Larsen kids, Kitty and Rocky, plenty of a chance to have fun time at the park. When it was all said and done, I felt like this was the most tired I've ever been from a photo session due to a combination of the weather and chasing the kids around during this session.

Je'kori | 5 Month Old

My second photo session of 2018 was my nephew, Je'kori, coming into the studio a little over a week ago. My sister had been trying to bring him in for a personal photo session, but we had a tough time getting it together during the holiday season. I was happy that he finally got to have a portrait session with me and I'm also happy that so far I'm staying on track for having at least one portrait session per week.

Larsen Family 2017

The Larsen family was one of my first ever photography clients. Over the last 3 years, I have photographed their family 4 times. It's very interesting having the opportunity to get a glimpse into seeing a family change as the years go by. When I first met the Larsen family, they were a family of 3 and their daughter, Kitty, had recently celebrated her second birthday. Today, the Larsen family has grown to 4 family members with the arrival of Rocky and Kitty has had to adjust to no longer being the only child. As always, it was great getting to work with the Larsen family and are these children ever adorable these days. 

Avery | Newborn

On Halloween, my newest niece, Avery, was born. I had her shoot when she was 6 days old. This session did not go quite as smoothly as I expected it to since she had a little case of the hiccups that seemed to keep her from falling asleep. Also, she didn't want to give up on the pacifier once we gave it to her. I was happy that I was able to deal with these little troubles and still get some good photos of my niece.

Larsen Family

As I said in my previous post, I ended the month with a family photo session. I first got in touch with the Larsens by responding to their posting for a family portrait session on Thumbtack. I later ended up meeting them in person prior to the shoot as they visited my booth at Dandelion Wine Arts Festival. This was an exciting shoot because it was the first time photographing someone that was not friends or family. It was a pleasure to photograph the Larsen family. I want to build on this experience and do some more family portrait sessions.