Larsen Family

Last Sunday, I did what's starting to become a yearly tradition of the Larsen family portrait session. Before it, they had a couple locations in mind and they asked me if I had any preference of the locations they were interested in for the photo session. I said that I was most interested in Warren Township Park since it's been a very long time since I had been there and that I had never had a photo session there. Since it was a warm, humid day on Sunday, I was little worried that the park was going to be a little busy. Luckily, the weather helped out a little in that regard by giving us overcast skies that probably deterred people form going to the park. That helped make the photography a little easier and gave the Larsen kids, Kitty and Rocky, plenty of a chance to have fun time at the park. When it was all said and done, I felt like this was the most tired I've ever been from a photo session due to a combination of the weather and chasing the kids around during this session.

Nahf Family

This family portrait session occurred on the last Friday evening in July. Originally we had planned on having this photo session a week earlier, but it ultimately got pushed back because the weather forecast looked iffy for most that afternoon.  Seeing as the weather was much better the day of this portrait session, it turned out to be a great decision to re-schedule. Everything went well with the only real trouble was getting the dog, Percy, to not be distracted and look at the camera. 

July 2015

The month of July went nothing like I expected it to go unfortunately. I spent the first week and a half of the month without a cellphone. On one hand I kind of enjoyed being "off the grid" and being free of the distraction of having a cellphone. However, being a little harder to reach than normal is not good for a growing business. As a result of being without my phone, I ended up missing out on a photo session. 

Additionally, in my last post I mentioned that I was hoping my workload was going to ease up a little and give me time to work on my photography. To my disappointment, my work schedule did not slow down and instead was still rather busy. My job as a landscaper took up its normal 40 hours a week and work as bellman still took up a few evenings of the week. This week the job as a bellman finally had me scheduled for one day of work. Granted, most of the spare time that I have had has been used to continue with the renovation project at my parents' house. By the end of the week, the renovations should be complete and hopefully I finally will have more time to devote to my photography.

June 2015

The month of June was very hectic for me. I attempted to balance 4 different jobs at once over the past month. I found myself working my usual 40 hours a week on landscaping and then found much of my spare time consumed with a mixture of working as a bellman at a hotel and helping my parents as they renovate their home. All this work, made it difficult to find time to focus on my photography as much as I wanted. The good news is that my boss at the hotel is interviewing and hiring people soon. I will soon have more spare time. Praise the lord!

I started the month of June off by preparing and participating in the Dandelion Wine Arts Festival. Partaking in the festival definitely helped to rejuvenate me and definitely encouraged me to continue to pursue my passion in photography. I have very little in the way of complaints of the festival. The weather was lovely and I got to meet so many new people. I even got some clients that I ended up photographing later in the month. I’m going to edit the photos from that session soon and be posting them on here.

For the month of July, I have a goal of getting out and doing some artistic photography. Also, I’m hoping to do some photo sessions that I’ve been meaning to do for the longest time. This month, I’ll continue to work on helping my parents with the work on their house and prepare for hopefully having a gallery space setup for the August ArtWauk.