July 2015

The month of July went nothing like I expected it to go unfortunately. I spent the first week and a half of the month without a cellphone. On one hand I kind of enjoyed being "off the grid" and being free of the distraction of having a cellphone. However, being a little harder to reach than normal is not good for a growing business. As a result of being without my phone, I ended up missing out on a photo session. 

Additionally, in my last post I mentioned that I was hoping my workload was going to ease up a little and give me time to work on my photography. To my disappointment, my work schedule did not slow down and instead was still rather busy. My job as a landscaper took up its normal 40 hours a week and work as bellman still took up a few evenings of the week. This week the job as a bellman finally had me scheduled for one day of work. Granted, most of the spare time that I have had has been used to continue with the renovation project at my parents' house. By the end of the week, the renovations should be complete and hopefully I finally will have more time to devote to my photography.