Fall 2017

Josh and Jessica | Courthouse Wedding

A few Saturdays ago, I photographed a courthouse wedding. Since I had previously done a wedding at the courthouse, I thought I knew what to expect. However, I soon found out that there is a difference between how marriages are conducted on Saturdays versus the weekdays. Due to the sheer number of people that opt get married on Saturdays, marriage ceremony is pretty brief. A few couples are brought into courtroom at a time to be married. In total the couples spend no more than 10 minutes in the courtroom. Ultimately, much more time is spent waiting around than is spent on the ceremony.


Mario & Teresa

There were definitely times when I thought that this photo session would never happen, but it finally all came together in early September. It was a few years ago when my good friends, Mario and Teresa, first talked about having a photo session with me. While I was initially optimistic, over time talk of having this photo session seemed to quiet down and disappear. Then this past summer, I was caught off guard when Teresa told me that she was interested in having a photo session. While we may have put this off for quite a while, I was happy that we managed to get this photo session. In fact, this photo shoot was just a few days before their daughter, Ely, was born.