Katie & Dylan | Wedding

It feels kind of fitting that I’m posting photos from Katie and Dylan’s wedding today since I saw them just this past weekend for a family session of them with their son, Landon. When you finally see photos from that session, it’ll probably be a sign that I’m getting close to getting caught on my posting. Although, for now I’m still getting caught up and as a result, here are photos from Katie and Dylan’s wedding that happened back on the last Saturday of July. It certainly was interesting having a client with the same name as myself. On the plus side, there was no way I was going to forget the groom’s name. Of course at the beginning of the day there was a little confusion as to which of us was being called when people said, “Dylan”. By the end of the day, people became pretty good about just referring to me as “the photographer” to make things less complicated.

Nahf Family

This family portrait session occurred on the last Friday evening in July. Originally we had planned on having this photo session a week earlier, but it ultimately got pushed back because the weather forecast looked iffy for most that afternoon.  Seeing as the weather was much better the day of this portrait session, it turned out to be a great decision to re-schedule. Everything went well with the only real trouble was getting the dog, Percy, to not be distracted and look at the camera.